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The old website was built on webflow, vivovii needed to revamp their website to boost conversions, improve visitor experience, and also as a source to assist in sales presentation. This was a great opportunity to develop a custom corporate website with the latest branding.


To produce a newly revamped website in 6 weeks including design and development with content, design and development working concurrently. My main focus was to make the website more visually engaging for users but also keeping development effort as low as possible.


Product lead, Lead designer 


Contrary to current best design practice, the website revamp was an ad hoc project designed to be used for a sales meeting with a potential client. It was challenging to kick-start a project without new content but design and development was waiting for the project to begin. As time was pressing, I had proposed to start the project by focusing on existing pages that could be improved. The front-end lead and I brainstormed and started off with the basics; defining modules and templates that can be reused but allowing design to take the lead to make it look different, even though the framework is basically the same.


As the framework was defined, the front-end lead went on to development. I had spent a lot of my time looking at websites for features that I liked and noted what I would like to incorporate into our new website. But given the time constraint that we had, a lot of the discussed fancier elements like animations were needed to backlog for next future update.


Keeping communication close

As I proceeded with revamping existing pages, I kept close communication with the COO and engineering team, providing constant updates as to the progress I was making to the website. My COO took up the responsibility in gathering content from CEO, while I liaised with the engineers, keeping them informed and handing-off assets as I complete them on-the-go. I was fortunate to have my UI/UX designer to help me with the images as it would consume a lot of my time looking and beautifying images. I was focused onto getting the layout and template ready so that I could off-load some of the pages to him as it would be simple content and image plug-in.

Final design

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