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Toasty is a business matching software that helps you connect with the right people at events by using Natural Language Processing. 


To onboard event attendees on our platform, we need to entice users to sign up to our platform by first educating what we do and create a short and simple onboarding process to create as least friction as possible.  


Lead designer

How does it start?

The start of the registration flow begins when the event attendee had purchased an event ticket. The attendee will receive an email to onboard to our toasty platform. The flow is quite simple.


The goal is to constantly engage and remind event attendees to use toasty so that they will be able to discover valuable business connections. We have kept registration flow to 3 steps, asking questions that are meaningful for users. Step 1, would be basic profile information, Step 2, who they are looking for and Step 3, what is the user able to offer. With this hand-in-hand, we already have enough information for our algorithium to generate matches. 

Profile meter

We have included a profile meter to encourage users to complete their profile as detailed as possible to help our algorthrium to generate the best matches

registration flow 01
registration flow 02
registration flow 03
registration flow 04

Onboarding screens

onboarding mobile 01
onboarding mobile 02
onboarding mobile 03

Email samples

matches ready email
Pending matches email

Next step - validation

Although the design above looks like the final product, in actual fact, it is just our MVP (Minimal viable product).  To keep onboarding/registration flow frictionless, we have tried our best to predict what the best solutions are. There are still a lot of room for improvements such as the use of text and the questions asked. Next step, we had reached out to several event attendees to walk through our product to test the main flow.