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Traditional and enduring organizations in Hong Kong are looking to digital transform their membership programs. A lot of them are still manually processing memberships and this is the business opportunity we think we can help in. Manually organizing and inputting data takes a lot of staff hours and it doesn't provide a lot of insights. Membership details are hard to locate and renewals are often member-initiated so there are a lot of lost opportunties. Juven seeks to connect event ticketing and membership programs to gain brand loyalty and income.


To build a membership feature to help organizations start transitioning their membership program online for better data visualization and organization. Thus, decreasing staff hours and increasing annual revenue. 


Lead designer

Understanding potential client needs

Our company reached out and connected with companies that has existing membership program or is looking to digitalize or improve their way of operating their membership program. Being the lead designer for this feature development, I had asked to join and participate in client meetings to understand the different usage of their programs from different industry. We interviewed a few sports associations, a restaurant, a non-profit food group and a book club. Overall, we found some common similarities between the groups and decided what are the must-haves to include in our initial phase of membership development features so that it is functional, usable and not over-designed/engineered.  

Things we decided to include that adds value:
1. Ability to set membership requirement/ restrictions (age, gender, country)
2. Description of membership and Membership expiration date
3. Setup & Design card preview

Organization Admin view

Juven is a B-B-C platform, which meant that we have to cater to 2 different type users and they are business organization administrators and potential event attendees. Business organization administrators need to be able to set up membership and lay out its plan for its event attendees, while the potential event attendees will need to be able to purchase membership plan and access to member-only promotions. 

Use cases for the organization admin:

1. Add and setup membership plans
2. Add plan description
3. Define requirements and details of plan
4. Ability to archive plans

Membership setup overview page
Setting up new membership plan
Membership setup Age restriction
Error validation Page

The Potential Event Attendee View

There are 3 main entry points for the Potential Event Attendee as they access to an Organization's membership program:

1) The Organization page

The Organization page is where the Potential Event Attendee can learn more about an organization's membership program. From there the user is able to purchase a membership plan. 

Organization Membership page
Purchase membership plan - sign in

2) Purchasing a ticket

When the Potential Event Attendee decide to purchase an event ticket from the organizer, he/she will be exposed to member-exclusive tickets. If the attendee is a member, he/she would be able to sign in and enjoy the benefit without disrupting the ticket-purchasing flow. If the attedee is not a member yet, this is a good opportunity for the attendee to learn about the membership program and sign up for it. 

Purchase Ticket w/ Membership entry
Member exclusive ticket
Ticket purchase with ticket entry mobile

3) User's profile page

Once the attendee signed up to be a member, he/she will have access to the membership programs that they are enrolled in and look at the plan's details. 

Membership Profile
Membership Profile - Details
Membership Profile Mobile
Membership Profile - Details Mobile

Membership table revamp - Admin

With the membership set up, other than helping organizations organize and identify their members, we wish to help organization admin to centralize their membership data so that in the future, we are able to analyze the data and create something meaningful and insightful. 

Default membership table revamped
Default membership table - old
The pictures above are the membership table overview. The picture on the left is the revamped version where as the right is the old version.
Membership table - Editing headers revamped
Membership table - Editing headers - old
Here, the table headers are actually adjustable so that the admin could choose to filter what they are most interested in at the first glance. Similar to above, the left is the revamped version where as the right is the old version.

Membership Email Flow

To help organizations with renewals, I have also designed emails to be implemented so that once it is setup, the system will be able run on its own. After all, that's why we love self-service platforms. This is a part of the email flow I did to help the engineer quickly know when each of the membership emails are triggered.

Membership Email Flow